Don’t Let Your Commute Get You Down: 4 Ways to Make Your Car a Happy Place – Los Angeles, CA

When I have to commute, it invariably adds a bit more stress to my day than I’d like.   was chatting with a few of my friends at Chino Hills Ford, and they had a great idea: make my car a happy environment!  It makes a lot of sense, though. We decorate our cubicles at work, we decorate our living rooms – heck, our whole house! – in order to create a happier place for ourselves. So, why not our cars?! Here are a few tricks I found to make your car a more comfortable and calming place to spend time during your busy day:

Pick an Invigorating Smell

I know that the first thing I’m aware of when I enter a home, or my car, is the smell.  A musty or ‘old’ smell is a big mood-killer.  If you can get an air freshener that has an uplifting, invigorating smell, it’s the best way to start setting the stage for a happier car environment.  For example, it’s noted that Pine can help alleviate stress.

Add a Small Photo

I have a small picture of my two sons on the instrument panel of my vehicle. When I’m stuck in some terrible traffic, I can just look at my two boys and my day is instantly brighter!

You Can Even Add a Plant!

Have you ever seen those miniature cactus plants? With a bit of sticky back tape, you can affix one to your dashboard and have a little bit of green to brighten your day when you’re driving through the concrete jungle.

Have a Relaxing Soundtrack

Now that you’ve taken care of the smell and the look of your car, it’s time to focus on the sounds.  It’s no use having a halfway relaxing environment if you’re listening to talk radio or heavy metal.  If you’re trying to keep your environment calm, find a good SiriusXM station with some ambient music, or put together a soundtrack for your drive.


As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to make your car a happy place!  I also keep a lumbar cushion on my seat since I often have to do a ton of driving during the day.  It’s no use to be relaxed and then stand up and have an aching back!  Stop by Chino Hills Ford today and see what new Ford looks like it would be the perfect vehicle to set up your happy place!