These Are 3 Super Stinky Scents! We’ve Got Ways to Get Rid of Bad Odors In Your Car – Los Angeles, CA

My neighbor recently got pranked by one of the neighbor kids, and it was epic. I don’t thin the kid was truly trying to be mean spirited, but long story short, their car ended up smelling so terrible they actually donated it just to get it off their driveway!

My buddies at the premier Ford dealership in greater Los Angeles wanted to know what happened, so here it is: The kid stowed an open can of sardines under the driver’s seat. A week later, and the car reeked so bad that there was nothing to remedy it. They tried everything – a steam cleaner, professional deep cleaning, the works. The rotting fish oils had permeated the very fabric of the seats, and there was no coming back from that mess! Or… was there?

I was appreciating my friend’s new 2016 Ford Explorer SUV, and we were talking about his plans to take the kids camping, going out on fishing trips, and driving to soccer practice with all the gear. I wondered how he was going to avoid having a beautiful, but stinky, automobile with all that hauling capacity. So I did a little bit of smelly research and found the three biggest offenders when it comes to stinking up your ride, whether it be a 2016 Explorer or any other kind! If you’re dealing with any of these three on the road, just like my friend might be, you’ll need these ways to get rid of bad odors in your car:


With an available 81.7 cubic feet of space in the 2016 Ford Explorer to use, my pal will be able to bring everything he catches on his fishing trip home! With that amount of fish, there’s bound to be some that get forgotten or left behind. Ewwww, that smell! The best thing to do is find a cleaner that uses enzymes, a surfactant, and denatured alcohol to remove stains and kill odors. This helps because fish and other food or animal products are organic, and the enzymes kill odors in their tracks by stopping the organic material from decomposing.


Tobacco smoke is one of the worst, and most difficult, smell to remove from a car. The smoke permeates everything, including the foam rubber used in seat cushions, as well as the headliner. You can successfully remove most of the tobacco smell by shampooing the carpets and upholstery with a good cleaner that specifically treats smells. After the carpet has dried for 24 hours, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, rub it in with your hands, and leave it for a week. After a week, vacuum the carpet and the baking soda will have absorbed the remaining odor in the carpet. Whew! What a breath of fresh air!


Let’s face it, we’ve all been a designated driver at some point. What this usually means is that our friends drink with abandon, knowing they won’t be responsible for driving home. How do they thank you? By yakking all over your new 2016 Ford Explorer interior. Thanks, friends. Besides the awkward conversations for weeks afterward, you’ll soon realize that puke SMELLS. The best thing to do is find that cleaner again that uses enzymes, a surfactant, and denatured alcohol to remove stains and kill odors. Follow this up with a steam cleaner and the baking soda trick you used for tobacco smoke. Then, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


Nothing kills the joy of new car smell quite like this triad of nasty odors and, while I hope my friend doesn’t get stuck with any of them in his new 2016 Ford Explorer in Chino, life happens. Stop in at Chino Hills Ford today and check out the new 2016 Ford inventory so you can remind yourself of that pleasant new car smell! While you’re at it, ask about their end of summer Ford incentives, and check out the Southern California Ford specials! If your old car is on the outs, these deals (and fresh scents) will give you a deep sigh of relief!