2 Safe and Affordable Used Cars for Teen Drivers: Ford Focus and Ford Fusion – Los Angeles, CA

Though my boys are more than a decade away from even thinking about driving, I still kind of cringe when I think of either of them behind the wheel! It’s not that I think they’ll be irresponsible drivers, it’s more that I want to make sure the car they drive is tops in safety… and being affordable would be a great plus! In the spirit of this, the safety conscious folks at Chino Hills Ford pointed out that the Ford Focus and Ford Fusion not only have excellent safety ratings, they also make exceptionally wallet-friendly pre-owned cars! Let’s take a look at these safe and affordable used cars for teen drivers, shall we?

Ford Focus: 2009-2011 Model Years

Starting at $6,050 (used car pricing)

This small car is perfect for a teen driver specifically because of its small size! This makes it easier to maneuver and easier to park, and also features an upright seating position that keeps your teen from slouching while driving. This is important because it keeps your teen driver upright while affording them a good view of the road. The other great thing about a pre-owned Ford Focus is that it comes with an optional manual transmission, which makes it a great choice for teaching your new driver all about driving a stick shift. This is a slowly disappearing art, in my humble opinion.

Ford Fusion: 2010-2012 Model Years

Starting at $8,325 (used car pricing)

The Fusion is a mid-sized sedan that has fancy electronic upgrades like Sync Bluetooth connectivity and voice commands, which help your teen pay attention to what’s important: The road. Aside from its awesome price point, the 2012 Ford Fusion gets 41 city/36 highway MPG. This is a boon for your wallet because your teen won’t be asking you for gas money every other day for their used Ford Fusion! They’ll still ask you for money to go out with their friends, of course, but that’s a whole different ball of wax!


If you haven’t settled on a car for your teen driver, head down to Chino Hills Ford and check out their extensive inventory of used Fords!  I’m sure you’ll find just the Ford Focus or Ford Fusion that will make both you, and your teen, beyond happy!