Search Out These 4 New Places to See In Chino Hills In Your 2016 Ford Explorer – Los Angeles, CA

Chino Hills is such a great place to go exploring! I was talking to some of my buddies at the very best Ford dealer in Los Angeles yesterday, and they inquired if I’d like to take a road trip this weekend. Um, heck yes! My only caveat was that we had to take the new 2016 Ford Explorer SUV. They agreed, and I was tasked with finding good spots to hang out and new places to see in Chino Hills. It was hard to choose since there are a ton of interesting places to go! I was able to narrow it down to these four places:

Los Serranos Country Club

Known for its challenging golf courses, the Los Serranos Country Club also has the best food this side of the Santa Ana Mountains. The 2016 Ford Explorer design has the sleek, upscale look that fits in at the country club setting, while it’s available seating for up to seven passengers means that everyone can join you at Sunday brunch!

Chaparral 300

Right in downtown Chino Hills, this family-friendly bowling alley is a great destination out with family, friends, or even your league! If you’re using all the seating, you still have 21 cubic feet of cargo space – plenty of room for the ball bags and shoes. While the 4WD won’t be in use on city streets, the available BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) certainly will be. This system uses radar in the rear quarter panels to identify a vehicle entering your blind spot and alerts you with an indicator light in the side view mirror. Perfect for those crowded Friday nights!

Misty Hill Whiskey Bar and Roadhouse Grill

When you want an adult kind of night out, the Misty Hill Whiskey Bar and Roadhouse Grill has your back. Climb in the 2016 Ford Explorer interior with your friends, and have an evening watching sports, boxing, or listening to tunes. Enjoy some of the best BBQ in Covina Hills, and have a great evening!

Heavens Ranch

Saving the best for last – horseback riding! The rugged 2016 Ford Explorer features will help with that rough terrain so that, even in an upscale SUV, you still blend in seamlessly with the rugged hills. If you’re looking to channel your inner cowboy (or girl) the Wrangler Horse Camp may be just the ticket!


I couldn’t believe how many great places I found to go “explore” in Chino Hills! If you think this full-sized SUV is just the thing for you, Chino Hills Ford in greater Los Angeles has them in stock and ready to test drive. If you think it’s time to score one of your own, don’t worry, their always-professional Ford financing department will be happy to help you get you the deal that’ll have you driving a 2016 Ford Explorer in Los Angeles!