2016 Ford F- Truck Series Will Improve Your Life, and Improve Your Credit! – Los Angeles, CA

If you’re one of the lucky few who makes a living in the greater Los Angeles area, especially owning your own business, you may know that it’s not only a crazy-cool place to live, but that you need the right truck to help you succeed!

Of course, I’m talking to YOU contractors and architects alike, you know that nothing shows a potential new client that you know what you’re doing than showing up in a Ford truck that has the available second generation 6.7-liter power stroke V8 turbo diesel that you take your business seriously!

If you’ve just started your own business, or are a contractor who’s been trying to build your business up, then you know that it can be difficult! By difficult, I do mean it can push you to the limits of what you probably thought you could do. But the team at your Chino Hills Ford dealer near Los Angeles know that you’re not just tough… you’re Ford tough. They know that no matter how big or how small the job is, the 2016 Ford F- Truck series has just what you need. How sure? Look at how many you have to choose from:

rFord F-150
Ford F-250 XL
Ford F-350 XL
Ford F-250 XLT
Ford F-350 XLT
Ford F-250 Lariat
Ford F-250 King Ranch
Ford F-450 XL
Ford F-350 King Ranch
Ford F-350 Platinum
Ford F-250 Platinum
Ford F-450 XLT
Ford F-450 XLT Lariat
Ford F-450 King Ranch
Ford F-450 Platinum

There’s literally not a single job you could possibly have that you wouldn’t be able to handle if you’ve got a Ford F-series truck in Chino !

The team at your Chino Hills Ford store know that you may have been holding back on picking out the best F-series Ford truck because, well, money. It may not just be a little tight, but because of some unforeseen circumstances, your credit may be less than perfect. Even with some of the best Ford truck incentives and new Ford specials in Southern California, you may think that your bad credit will hold you back. Lucky for you, the professional Ford credit financing team at Chino Hills Ford knows all about it – and they won’t let you down! They want to see you going about making your business as successful as you can in downtown LA, so no matter what the holdup: Bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, or foreclosure, they want to work with you!

If you’re ready to see what kind of difference Ford tough can bring to your newfound business, stop by Chino Hills Ford and take Ford truck test drive… you’ll be beyond pleased to see how your new 2016 Ford F-series Truck can affect your business…and your credit!