How to Decipher All Those Hand Gestures You See While Driving On the California Roadways! – Los Angeles, CA

Anywhere you drive your 2016 Ford in Los Angeles, you may notice that drivers in California are really fond of using hand signals. Now, I mean signals beyond the most commonly thought of rude gestures. That’s another post completely!

While chatting with my always polite friends at the premier Ford dealership in greater Los Angeles, the conversation turned towards how nice it is when a driver makes eye contact with you a four-way stop and waves you through!

Since I firmly believe people who drive anything from the 2016 Ford lineup (or Fords in general) are nicer than usual, I thought I’d decode some of the four most common nonverbal signals I’ve seen in the past week so you can see that not all hand gestures you see while driving are bad:

Two Hands Up Off the Wheel

I made this one TWICE last week, it’s an apologetic gesture letting the other driver know you’re in the wrong. My first offense was where I had a stop sign, and the other direction did not. I assumed they did and pulled in front of a rather fast moving car, scaring the heck out of both of us. The next one was a four-way stop where I went out of turn, and received a not so nice gesture! Both hands up in a kind of “I’m sorry” way doesn’t make it better, but does let the other person know you’re totally aware that you’re in the wrong!

Friendly Wave

If someone inadvertently cuts you off and gives you the two hands up kind of look, a friendly wave is assurance that all’s good, and bad feelings. You can also give a friendly wave whenever another driver does you a solid and lets you change lanes, go first, or just behaves in a friendly manner. There’s never a bad time for a nice gesture.


The OK signal is pretty universal, your pointer finger and thumb form an ‘O’ and the other driver knows you approve or appreciate them.

One Arm Beckoning

This is also called “waving through” and comes in handy (ha ha! handy!) if you’d like the other person to go first at a four-way stop. This works especially well to let a cyclist know you see them and want to give them the right of way.


See, not all drivers are making rude gestures when you see them! Stop in at Chino Hills Ford today to schedule a test drive in a 2016 Ford (any Ford!). If you think other drivers are just a bit nicer when they see you in one, it may be time to score one of your own! And don’t worry, their always-professional and extra kind Ford financing department will be happy to help you score a great AXZ lease deal if you’ve got a Ford Friends and Family discount!