Visit the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show in a 2015 Ford Mustang – Los Angeles, CA

Steve McQueen BullittAt Chino Hills Ford, we carry the best of the Ford line from the Escape, Fusion, Mustang, and Super Duty.  But the car that we consistently find ourselves being the most proud to carry is the Mustang. We’re gearing up to go to the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show coming up here in Chino Hills on June 6th.  This years theme is based on McQueen’s work in the film ‘On Any Sunday’ which is a motorcycle film, but we’re okay with that. We will always love McQueen as Frank Bullitt in the high speed 1968 Mustang chase through the streets of San Francisco! Because of this legendary role, we know that the Mustang will make a strong showing at this years car show, as it does every year.

There are plenty of car shows in Chino Hills around this time of year, but this one is especially great – not just because of the strong Mustang turnout, but also for what it supports.  This show is sponsored by The Boys Republic, a group that “…was founded in 1907 in an effort to treat troubled teenagers without sending them to jail with adult criminals.” McQueen himself was a part of this program and graduated in 1949. Since then, his name and legacy has been entwined with this outstanding program.

If you’re a lucky Mustang owner, of even just someone who loves cars, we encourage you to come enjoy this amazing meet-up.  If you have an older Mustang, we definitely encourage you to register to show your car and share the love with the rest of the car enthusiasts – you never know who you might meet! If you’re still on the fence about showing up, you can rest easy knowing that part of the proceeds are used to help fund and maintain the Boys Republic, and we’re pretty sure you’d feel great about helping the youth!  So jump in your Escape, Fusion, Mustang, or Super Duty, and head out to take part of this awesome car event! We’ll see you there!