Get In, Be ‘Appy’ in a Ford Fusion with SYNC AppLink! – Los Angeles, CA

Henry Ford didn’t invent the car, but he did revolutionize the way the automobile was designed and manufactured so that it was something the average American could afford. More than a century later, the Ford company is still revolutionizing the design and production of automobiles, and perhaps one of the best illustrations of this innovation is found in the 2014 Ford Fusion: the SYNC system.

The ‘average’ American today is anything but average: they are connected, and busy, and ready to make their car work for them. The Ford SYNC system is voice-controlled, and through simple commands, the driver can control what’s on the radio, the temperature in the car, and request emergency assistance. This lets the driver keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, all without missing a favorite song or latest football score. More than that, the SYNC system features AppLink, which lets the driver access their favorite smartphone apps to enhance their driving experience. Here are five of our favorite smartphone apps that, along with the seamless integration of SYNC AppLink, can make your commute or road trip absolutely awesome!

1. Greatest Drive

Sometimes it’s fun to get lost on roads you’ve never been on, and that fun can be an adventure with Greatest Drive – especially when you’re enjoying the sights in a Ford Fusion with SYNC AppLink! This app has user-generated suggestions for the most scenic routes, points of interest and alternate routes – all by people who’ve been there before.

2. Trapster

It’s not uncommon to get really interested in a news story, conversation, song on the radio and forget to pay attention to how fast you’re going.  Trapster will let you know your current speed, the posted speed limit and if there any police are ahead, keeping you and your Fusion traffic ticket-free.

3. Waze

Another community-based app, Waze will fill you in on any real-time traffic jams, road closures or other traffic issues that may affect your commute.

4. Spotify

Being aware of traffic is nice, but enjoying your time in traffic is just as nice. Spotify has millions of songs that you can stream at anytime, ad free. You can choose your music by song or create a playlist of your favorites, and Spotify will suggest songs you may like based on what you’ve already listened to. However you choose to listen, good music pumping through the speakers of your Fusion can make your commute almost enjoyable.

5. WSJ Live

You may not have the time to sit down in the morning and read the newspaper, but real-time streaming of the latest from the Wall Street Journal gets you the breaking news, opinions and market data you need – all during your commute. And since the WSJ Live app is completely hands-free, you’ll still have time to enjoy your coffee while you drive.

Experience Your Favorite Apps in Action in a Ford Fusion with SYNC AppLink from Chino Hills Ford!

While many of the automobiles in the Ford line offer the SYNC system, seating for five, a standard and hybrid edition, reasonable price and beautiful design, we particularly like the way the SYNC system’s hands-free mobile app integration takes the 2014 Ford Fusion from awesome, to extraordinary. As always, we carry the best selection of Ford models at Chino Hills Ford, so please come on by and take the SYNC AppLink feature for a test drive!