Pamper Your 2016 Ford Fusion With These Fall Car Care Ideas – Los Angeles, CA

Fall is my favorite time of year; the leaves are turning colors, the rain is starting to happen more frequently and your all-new 2016 Ford Fusion is starting to notice these changes, too.

I went to talk to the team at the premier Ford dealership in Chino Hills, and they had some great input in how to make sure that your 2016 Ford Fusion exterior (and interior) makes it through the winter (nearly) unscathed. After all, if you chose the premium painted 18″ wheels, you definitely want them to look as good as new when summer rolls around!

Fortunately, it’s easy to achieve with just a little elbow grease early in the season. Let’s take a look at these fall car care ideas:

A Good Wash and Wax

A careful cleaning, followed by a good waxing will create a barrier and help protect your paint job. More dirt and road junk gets kicked up after even a light rain, so keep that paint job fresh!

Detail Your Interior

If you opted for the 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium interior package, you’ve got sport-stitched, leather-trimmed, heated front seats, 10-way power driver’s seat with three memory settings, power lumbar, along with a 10-way power passenger seat. Eco-conscious materials are standard on hybrids, too. You need to get in there and do a thorough detailing of that luxurious interior before the weather intensifies and water and dirt get tracked in.

Get New Floor Mats

Speaking of dirt and grime, even though your 2016 Ford Fusion standard features include its own set of matching floor mats, I’d still suggest investing in a good pair of heavy-duty winter mats over the existing ones. You know that when you run through a downpour to get to your car, tracking in water and mud is the last thing on your mind. When summer comes around, you’ll be able to take out the winter mats to be scrubbed off and view your pristine floor proudly!

Get New Wiper Blades

Before that dreaded winter storm season really gets cracking, change your wiper blades to help you see more clearly in inclement weather. It’ll also help you avoid getting any scratches on your windshield from old or worn out wipers! Even though it’s a new car, it never hurts to cover all the bases!


The 2016 Ford Fusion is one of the best mid-sized sedans in California and beyond and, the better you maintain it, the longer it’s going to last! If you’ve been thinking about buying or leasing a new 2016 Ford Fusion, stop by Chino Hills Ford and see what Ford specials they have happening this autumn!