5 Reasons You’ll Love Driving a 2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid!– Los Angeles, CA

Living in Los Angeles is an exciting, vibrant thing. There’s so much to see, and twice as much to do! Add the year-round beautiful weather to the mix and you’re pretty much living in paradise! The only downside, as far as I’m concerned, is how much time has to be spent in a car just to get from one side of town to the other – or from one town to the next! Let’s face it, the greater Los Angeles area is beautiful, but the traffic jams are legendary!

The team at the premier Ford dealership in Los Angeles understand this pain well, along with the pain in your pocketbook when it comes time to gas up after sitting in that gridlock. They suggested that those who have places to go, and no patience to keep stopping for gas, check out the 2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid in Chino Hills. It’s their belief you’ll fall head over heels for this car, and after checking it out, I agree. Here’s why you’ll love driving a 2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid:

The Gas Mileage

With 44/41 MPG, you won’t be disappointed. Neither will your bank account!

The Speed

This little beauty goes from 0-60 in 7.9 seconds. Whoa? Did you see that? Blink and you’ll miss it!

The Horsepower

This is one compact car that isn’t afraid of hills. The mighty 141 horsepower on the C-MAX Hybrid makes sure of that!

The Get-Up and Go

It’s not a racecar, true, but it’s not afraid of the fast lane, either. With a top speed of 104 MPG, you’ll be able to get up and go when you need to be gone!

The Price

Bottom line, the base Ford C-MAX Hybrid MSRP is $25,045. You save money all around with this powerhouse!

Let’s not forget the 2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid is part electric, so you’re not using as much gas. This means you’re not adding to those nasty emissions that contribute to the smog over this fair city, so you’re not just helping your pocketbook, you’re helping the earth, too!


If you’re ready to make the switch and go green, stop in at Chino Hills Ford today and see what kind of specials they have going on to help you get in your new 2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid in Los Angeles! Their professional Ford finance team will help you find the best rates for your car, and their seriously talented Ford service center in Chino can answer any questions you may have about maintenance and upkeep for your new hybrid vehicle. Happy (green) driving!