More Than Just Tasty Samples: Get a 2015 Mustang Through the Costco Car Buying Program and Chino Hills Ford – Los Angeles, CA

Hello. My name is Mischa, and I have a Costco problem. If, by chance, you greeted me in return, you may comprehend exactly what I mean.

What is so thrilling about the experience of attempting to maneuver that ginormous shopping cart through the masses upon masses of people who are taking their sweet time looking at the Christmas display that’s no doubt already up? (I can’t confirm, though, since I’m proud to say I haven’t stepped foot in a Costco in at least two months.) Why is it so exciting to purchase a box of industrial-sized lawn bags or a tub of Brussels sprouts intended to be cooked by school lunch ladies, both of which will inevitably go to waste? How is it that I go in with a plan to only purchase steaks and salmon, but end up with a cart that’s filled to the brim and a bill that’s in the $500 range?

The problem, my friends, are the DELICIOUS SAMPLES. SAMPLES. SAMPLES EVERYWHERE. SAMPLES FOR AISLES AND MILES. I will shove you away from that last sample of lobster ravioli. I will slap your hand and exclaim “MY RAVIOLI!” like some mannerless creature raised by wolves. I just really wanted to try the ravioli, though, I’m sorry.

Does this sound like you? Perhaps in lieu of lobster ravioli it’s the spicy Jarlsberg cheese dip or buttery pierogi that tempt you but, if it does still sound like you, there is a way you can visit without turning into a sample- and sale-crazed fiend: Simply stay outside of the building and take a look at this new 2015 red Ford Mustang on display. It’s for sale through the Costco car buying program and Chino Hills Ford, and it looks just as delicious as that tortilla-encrusted tilapia I bought about a year ago that’s still in my freezer. (Think of all the things you WON’T be able to buy at Costco because they won’t fit inside the small, sporty interior!)


Yes, you can leave your Los Angeles area Costco with something other than a two-pack of Olive Garden salad dressing. You can leave with the satisfaction of knowing you can get discounts on brand new Ford vehicles as a Costco member and, luckily for you, Chino Hills Ford is an authorized Costco dealer. It’s just one more way to take advantage of current Ford lease incentives and, well, another reason to renew your Costco membership.

Enter your ZIP code by clicking the photo below to find something more magical than a five-gallon bucket of hummus: A brand new or used vehicle from Chino Hills Ford through the Costco auto program.