What Are the Benefits Of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Ford? – Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for a certified pre-owned Ford in Los Angeles, your Chino Hills area Ford store is the best place to go, hands down! When you buy a new vehicle, you expect everything that comes with it: A warranty, Ford service specials, great financing – the list goes on. But, when people buy pre-owned, especially at a different dealership, they may not expect too much to be included with the price. This is where Chino Hills Ford comes in!

The team takes such pride in their choice of certified pre-owned vehicles in Chino, that you’ll get warranties, low APR financing, a carfax report – the works! You don’t need to worry about your certified pre-owned Ford breaking down two days after you bring it home, they guarantee it!

You may not have thought about how beneficial taking the time to consider buying a certified pre-owned vehicle can be, in the long term, but after having bought my fair share of lemons in the past, I can definitely attest that it’s a huge benefit. Both for your peace of mind, and your pocketbook. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when you buy certified:

12 Months/12,000-Mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty

When you buy certified pre-owned, you get a 12-month/12,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty. You may not expect a used vehicle to come with any warranty at all, but they really want you to be happy with your purchase!


Not only do you get the limited comprehensive warranty, you’ll also receive a 7-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. The benefits keep getting better.

1.9% APR

If you have good credit, you can be qualified for a low 1.9% APR on select certified pre-owned models. That’s a deal!


Having a Carfax report that shows the history of your vehicle is priceless. The last thing you want is to go to the mechanic and find that your car had been in an accident and had extensive body work done to it. Forget that mess! With a Carfax, what you see is definitely what you get.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

If you’ve ever broken down at night, on the side of a freeway, you know why this is a big deal! The team at Chino Hills Ford thinks so, too, and that’s why it’s included after buying a certified pre-owned Ford vehicle.

Quality Inspection

Each certified pre-owned vehicle sold at Chino Hills Ford has to pass a 172-point inspection – has to, no maybes! That’s quality you can trust.

As you can tell, your Los Angeles Ford dealership offers you something many other dealerships don’t: Peace of mind when you’re buying pre-owned. Whether it’s an early model Ford Mustang in Chino Hills, or a more recent Ford Edge in Chino, let the most helpful Ford sales team in all of Los Angeles help you find the perfect deal for you. Now that’s what I call a certified good deal!