Moving Forward: Best Places to Say Goodbye to Your Old Car Near Bakersfield – Los Angeles, CA

This generation is all about having the next new thing. Whether it be the new iPhone, a new video game or a car, it’s not a bad thing to stay up-to-date with what’s modern.

It might not be time to upgrade to a new phone or pre-order the next Call of Duty game, but it might be time to say goodbye to your current car and go for everything the new 2016 Ford Escape features. It’s hard, I know. You and your car have been through everything together – long road trips, nighttime drives through the city and even numerous trips to the closest mechanic.

You’re really excited about the Ford Escape but you’re not ready to depart with your current car, so spending some memorable final days together in Bakersfield is high on your to-do list. If this is you, or it sounds like someone you know, I’ll direct you to the list below of best places to say goodbye to your old car near Bakersfield.

Morro Bay

All you need to do is go to Morro Bay once and see a sight that’s meant for nothing more than relaxation and peace: The beautiful sunsets, the calm waters and even the bright stars at night. There are even a few trails you can walk through to get the whole experience of walking through this beautiful place. There are also a few beaches you can go to relax on.

And think about it: With your new 2016 Ford Escape and the intelligent four-wheel drive system that comes with it, you could have a smooth drive along the beach as well. Just don’t hit any beachgoers or any senior citizens that may be asleep while getting sunburned.

Wind Wolves Preserve

Maybe the beach isn’t your thing. If you like long trails and a nature-like setting, Wind Wolves Preserve might be the best bet for you. At 93,000 acres and with over 200 elk in its preserve, Wind Wolves’ highest elevation point is at 6,005 feet and is the west coast’s largest non-profit reserve.

This might be another time to use that four-wheel drive we were just talking about, or maybe it’s the best place to take a date. There are picnic benches across the preserve, but you can also fold the back seats and use the trunk as a place to sit and observe nature, while eating some sandwiches with a glass of wine or something.

Better yet, just stick to the nature watching.

Cinertain Drive-In

Who doesn’t like a drive-in? Other than the fact you have to walk a mile to use the bathroom after all the food and drinks you’ve devoured, it’s a fun experience.

The Cinertain Drive-In always has a great selection of movies, ranging from western classics to modern Disney films. There’s a wide selection of movies and no one is bound to get bored, especially if the last thing you do with your old car is go watch The Goonies.

When you get your new Ford Escape and go to the drive-in, listen to the movie of your choice with the Audio System from Sony. Who wouldn’t want to watch Independence Day while hearing it through 10 speakers and a dual-channel subwoofer? That’s a good way to hear aliens being destroyed.

Those are only some of good things that the 2016 Ford Escape has to offer at your friendly Chino Hills Ford dealership. There’s a chance your current car doesn’t have the power like the 2016 Ford Escape engine, a 168-horsepower EcoBoost engine with six-speed automatic transmission to make your drive more comfortable. Your Los Angeles-area Ford dealership, Chino Hills Ford, is ready to help you find those best places to say goodbye to your old car near Bakersfield.