Best Ford Trucks for Towing: Haul Whatever You Need to Move In a Ford F-250 – Los Angeles, CA

Now that my boys are getting older, we’ve started taking them on more outdoors adventures. Hiking, camping, anything outdoors. My trusty station wagon has toed the line so far, but the kids are ready for mom and dad to up their camping game! Mom’s thinking boating, the boys are thinking camping trailers and the intrepid outdoorsmen at your greater Los Angeles Ford dealership, Chino Hills Ford, are suggesting the new 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty XL for camping adventures.

This is because the F-250 is one of the best Ford trucks for towing whatever it is you need, over any terrain. Let’s take a look at the specifications:

The Super Duty line by Ford is “engineered to help you get the job done when no one else can. Construction. Heavy Hauling. Emergency Vehicles. Agriculture. Forestry. Utility Services.” With the Super Duty line of trucks boasting a 31,200-pound maximum towing capability (on F-450), I’m not questioning the ability it has to tow a 2,100-pound camping trailer or a 2,500-pound jetliner motorboat!

Now, I’m fairly sure my little wagon would be adequate to tow, maybe, a small camper trailer, but that’s a risk that may not be worth it. If you’ve never seen a car towing a trailer either lose the trailer or lose control, it’s never a pretty scene. I used to be more concerned with exactly how to make sure the trailer was properly hooked up, but Ford has this on lockdown:

“For an easier towing experience overall, Super Duty offers class-exclusive features like an in-bed seven-pin connector and PowerScope trailer tow mirrors. There’s even a factory installed, integrated trailer brake controller to balance the performance of the truck’s brakes and electric trailer brakes. And the LCD productivity screen offers a pre-towing checklist and recalls settings for different trailers. Ready, set, tow.”

That’s it. I’m sold. If you’re worried about adding another vehicle, Chino Hills Ford has some of the best Ford financing options available. Truck down to see the 2015 Ford F-250 today!