Accesorize Your 2016 Ford Mustang and Keep Looking Good in L.A.! – Los Angeles, CA

Let’s be up-front about L.A. – it’s a land in and of itself, everybody looks like a movie star, YOU definitely look like a movie star, and everything in this town looks like unicorns and pixie dust!

And here you come in a 2016 Ford Mustang all 300 to 435 HP, Up to 22 city / 31 highway in gas mileage, and possibly a 5.0 L V8 to boot! You’re all strength, speed, and pure made-in-the-USA Michigan muscle. How do you fit in? It’s easy…you accessorize, dahling!

Seriously, though, you already have the 2016 Ford Mustang so you’re used to being able to power through downtown LA with no problem, but you may have noticed that when you have such a great new Ford…people notice.

I spoke with the team at Chino Hills Ford and they let me know that while the 2016 Ford Mustang is an undeniably good looking ride, you can make it your own with just the right accessories that make it undeniably your own! I know how it can get overwhelming, I mean, you know your 2016 Ford Mustang is perfect, right? But how can you make it more perfect, and more yours than the other 2016 Ford Mustangs in downtown LA? Luckily, while I may not know how to work on cars, I know how to make them look nice! Here’s the top three totally surface accessories you can add to your new 2016 Ford Mustang to make it look like it’s on the way to a casting call;

Graphics Kit

Ford racing strips add all the street cred, all the time, whether you choose them in black, white, or hot red to accent your Ford Mustang GT Coupe.

Personalized Floor Mats

One of my favorite things to add to any new vehicle are floor mats in any color I want, and maybe embroidered with my initials or a cute character – now that’s taking personalization to the extreme – just the way a 2016 Ford Mustang should be accessorized!

Personalized Floor Mats

On the Ford website, you can get a blade style rear spoiler to accent your 2016 Mustang and it comes fully primed and ready for you to paint the color of your trusty steed, now doesn’t that look sharp?!

Are you ready to get personal with the team at Chino Hills Ford? Let them show you how to make your new 2016 Ford Mustang uniquely yours. Not only do they have the best dealer incentives and great new Ford specials, but you can value your trade-in online and get pre-approved for Ford financing in just a few minutes!

So come by Chino Hills Ford today and let the professional Ford finance team set you up with the best APR in all of Los Angeles, so you can start accessorizing your 2016 Ford Mustang today!