4 Ways to Get the Interior of Your 2016 Ford Holiday-Ready! – Los Angeles, CA

Are you ready for the holiday season? Some people can’t stand reminders of it, especially the music getting pumped into every store, 24 hours a day, but give me George Michael singing “Last Christmas” any day! In fact, there’s almost no better way to get yourself in the holiday mood than a good soundtrack!

I talked to the jolly folks at the premier Ford dealership in Los Angeles to see what they suggest adding to unwrap a little 2016 Ford Christmas gift each time you get behind the wheel to keep the holiday spirit merry and bright. It turns out that there’s a ton of great things you can add to the interior that will instantly add that charm for a festive 2016 Ford holiday!

Christmas Air Freshener

One of the best mood-setters is smell. Who smells a fresh pine tree or gingerbread cookies and doesn’t think of Christmas?! A lot of the car air fresheners showing up this tine of year know it, and you can easily find car scents such as ‘Christmas Cookie Car Jar Air Freshener, Festive Scent’ by Yankee Candle on the shelves of almost every automotive goods store.


Do you ever kiss your kids when you drop them off at school? Of course you do! Not in a relationship, no kids, but still wouldn’t mind a smooch? Hang a sprig of this festive plant from your rear view mirror and go ahead… ask that cute guy or gal out for a ride in your new 2016 Ford Mustang in Chino Hills! Just make sure they’re sitting in the passenger seat so they catch a glimpse of it before you lean in for that kiss!

Soundtrack Your Ride

Your new 2016 Ford Explorer features an awesome sound system for a reason! And, you may not want to know it, but it really is intended to listen to Frank Sinatra’s “Jolly Christmas” album. You’re welcome.


If you really want to shout it out that Christmas is your jam, you can find some solar powered LED Christmas lights that you can string in the interior of a 2016 Ford Fiesta. I’d save this one just for Christmas day, though, and only when you’re not driving. Though they aren’t bright, they may be distracting!


There are a gajillion ways you can gussy up that 2016 Ford for the holidays, but these are just some tried and true favorites. If you’re in the market for a new 2016 Ford for sale near Los Angeles, now is the time to talk to the jolly folks at your  Chino area Ford dealer! They’re just like the helpful Elves who can help you score big with the best year-end Ford incentives and holiday Ford lease specials on most of the new, or even pre-owned, Fords in the Los Angeles area! Don’t be shy, come talk to their always professional financing team so they can take a look at your list, check it twice to make sure well-qualified Ford buyers receive a fantastic Christmas surprise!