Which of These 5 Types of 2016 Ford Fusion Tires Are Best for You? – Los Angeles, CA

Have you noticed that the year is winding down quickly?! If you haven’t considered what Ford has come up with design and performance-wise, now may be the time to start doing some research! From sports cars to trucks, Fords been busy getting ready to roll out a bunch of updated interiors and body lines.

One of my favorites is the all-new 2016 Ford Fusion, in stock now at the premier Ford dealership in the Los Angeles area! Since this would be a commuter car for me, I was going over a checklist of things that would be important to take into consideration. The one thing on my list that’s been consistently overlooked is tires!

From all-season tires, winter tires or sport performance tires, there have always been a bunch to choose from; I just never paid attention! Here are the five types of 2016 Ford Fusion tires I think are important to pay attention to if you plan on investing in a new ride like this beauty!

Summer Tires

Let’s face it, it gets HOT in Chino Hills! Because we’re in California, it’s warm late into fall and the asphalt can do a number on your ride. If you’re into extreme performance on hot, dry asphalt, these are the tires for you. BUT, this is really only for dry roadways. The chance of hydroplaning with these sleek tires is high if a summer rain does show up, so don’t invest in them if you don’t have a plan B.

All Season Tires

When you want versatility that allows you to travel safely, rain or shine (and even light snow), these are the tires for you. You can usually get these tires in a variety of tread patterns and depths, which can affect the noise level in the cabin as well as the ride comfort.

Track and Competition

If you’re planning on equipping your Los Angeles 2016 Ford Fusion to compete with the city’s racetrack and autocross crowd, you already know the tires you use out there are wayyy different than the tires you use on your daily driver! Here’s why:

Never intended to be driven on the street or exposed to near-freezing temperatures, Racetrack and Autocross Only special-use tires feature racing slick type tread designs and compounds optimized for dry traction to provide the ultimate in acceleration, cornering and braking in dry conditions.

Street-Ready Track Tires

There are, however, DOT-approved tires that will allow you to drive on the street to the track, and back to your Chino area home, if you’re not willing to trailer your 2016 Ford Fusion to the racetrack. Meant to be taken on and off, these tires are perfect to keep in your garage on non-race days.

Spare Tires

Your 2016 Ford Fusion stantard features include a temporary spare tire, meant to get you to the tire shop in the event of a flat. But, if you invest in a regular tire that matches the tires you currently have on your Fusion, you can buy yourself more time to make an appointment to get your tire changed and rotated. There’s nothing worse than spending an entire day waiting because of an unexpected flat!


If you’re interested in seeing what else the Detroit-born automaker has in store for the coming model year, Chino Hills Ford has some of the new 2016 Fords available in Southern California that are ready for you to test drive. If you think it’s time to upgrade before the new year begins, their always-professional team of number crunchers can hook you up with their best Ford financing options that’ll have you driving a 2016 Ford Fusion in Los Angeles and beyond today!