Trying To Get Ahead In The New Year? Let The 2016 Ford Edge Help You Out! – Los Angeles, CA

Let’s face it, it’s the new year and we all have some New Year’s resolutions to make. Whether we want to read more books, join the gym, we’re just eat healthier there are goals that we set for ourselves and, amazingly enough, our vehicles can help us accomplish them!

I was over at Chino Hills Ford asking the team they’re what their new years resolutions are, and not surprisingly, they were all things that the 2016 Ford Edge could help them accomplish, easily. Things like saving money, challenging themselves, and just trying to look a little bit better moving forward are all things of the 2016 Ford Edge can help them out with.

How so? You may ask… well if we think about it abstractly, our vehicles are really just an extension of ourselves. We spend the most time in them, we make sure that they’re all polished up when we’re getting ready to go out on a date, and let’s face it, we also spend most of our money on them. Well, with the starting MSRP of $28,000, the Ford Edge already has you in the saving money game, and looking good is definitely not a problem. Let’s look at the top three ways the 2016 ford edge can help you reach your other resolutions;

Trying To Save Money

We already know that the 2016 Ford Edge has a low, low MSRP, so there’s your first money saver. But, did you know that 2016 Ford Edge has an estimated 30 MPG on the highway? With the gas prices here in Los Angeles inching up toward the $3 mark again this kind of mileage is great for your wallet. You can definitely put a check mark by ‘saving money’ on your list!

Trying To Power Through Tough Terrain

2015 was full of some weird and challenging things wasn’t it? I’m not all about going back into the news archives to talk about some of the terrible things that happened, because some really great stuff happened too!  You can keep that good stuff going on in a 2016 Ford Edge. Let’s look at the 2016 Ford Edge titanium edition: Front-wheel drive is standard, but with this model you can also opt for all-wheel-drive if you want to. With adaptive steering and a panoramic Vista sunroof, any off-the-beaten-path adventures you want to take become easier, and more comfortable. So go ahead,  pull a Robert Frost and take the road less traveled!

Trying To Look A Little Bit More Polished

We all want to look a little bit better in the new year. With the 2016 Ford Edge Sport you don’t even have to worry about going to the gym. Just pull up to your Bae’s house with that 2.7 L EcoBoost V6 engine, LED tail lamps, and aluminum pedal covers (standard) and you already look like a million dollars!

As you can see the 2016 Ford edge is already making a check, check, check mark on that New Year’s resolution list. Come down to Chino Hills Ford today and speak with their well qualified Ford finance team to take advantage of all those incentives and year end specials that will help get you in the Ford of your dreams that will help push your coolness over the edge, so to speak!